The Crosses


Swine Green near St Catherine’s Priory at the foot of Cross-o-cliff hill. Destroyed in the Civil War. A fragment of a statue of Eleanor can be seen in the castle grounds.



St Peter’s Hill on the High Street. Destroyed by Colonel Rossiter’s Parliamentary garrison in 1645 & the stone removed for building material.  The above Photograph shows the plaque erected in 2015 to mark the site of the original cross.


Similar in appearance to the surviving crosses at Northampton and Waltham. Destroyed in 1659. Site held to be in Scotgate where the Clock House now stands.



Surviving cross in the middle of the village



Surviving cross near Delapre Abbey.

Stony Stratford

Destroyed during the Civil War. There is a commemorative plaque on the wall of 157 High Street.

Woburn Cross

Although it is widely believed that the Cross could have been destroyed during the Civil War, nothing is known of its location.



Destroyed. Site was in the market place at the cross roads where Watling Street meets Ickneild way near the entrance to Church Street. The only reference to the cross is a plague at the crossroads.

St Albans Abbey



Destroyed in 1640. Site was in the High street near the Clock Tower. A plaque on the Clock Tower commemorates the site.

Waltham Cross

Waltham Cross, 29th August 2009

Waltham Cross, 29th August 2009

Surviving cross in the shopping centre. Extensive rebuilding was carried out in 1832. A further major restoration was carried out in 1885–92, and yet another in 1950–53.

West Cheap (Cheapside)

Opposite Wood Street at the west end of Cheapside. Presumably once stood in the middle of the road in an area known, in those days, as the pride of London and was a busy trading area. There is no plaque.

Charing Cross


Replica at Charing Cross Station. Original stood on the site of Charles 1 statute at Trafalgar Square where the royal mews stood. This site is marked by a plaque commemorating the original cross to which all distances to London were measured (and still are to this day).